YuleLog 2018 for Department 56

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Full Version

Price: $35.00

  • After purchase, you are considered a registered user and can purchase annual updates
  • The full version is for customers who have never used YuleLog or have not updated their software for many years



Price: $15.00

  • Annual updates are for registered customers who have previously purchased the full version.
  • Note: If you have never purchased the full version, you are not a registered user and do not qualify for an update.



  • Price guide includes over 7,000 Department 56 items with photos, secondary market prices, comments, and more.

  • Ornament listings linked to Google and eBay for easy reference for current prices and availability

  • Generate reports to see which ornaments you have, where they are, and which ornaments you want.

  • Easy to use interface for cataloging your ornaments

  • Includes Snowbabies and hanging ornaments.